Things to Consider About Credit Campaigns

A new bank joined these loan campaigns. Lite Lender.You can apply for undocumented loans without leaving your home without paying any expenses and insurance. Lite Lender, the loan applications you will make through the internet banking channel are concluded instantly. Following the approval of your loan application, bank officials visit you at your address and complete the necessary loan application forms and receive documents.

Lite LenderJet Credit Campaign TL. Limited to 20,000.- and 4 years maturity. You can apply for a loan seven days a week, 24 hours a day at the bank’s website. As soon as cred oval is received, the loan amount is immediately transferred to your account and opened to your use.

Commissions or insurance fees are requested during the loan disbursement.

Commissions or insurance fees are requested during the loan disbursement.

Although the use of the internet through credit Lite Lender matter if we advise you to be careful in the Bank’s website there is no credit application through your mind. Because, as we constantly warn and recommend, you can safely perform credit and other transactions from institutions that operate in accordance with the Banking Law and which are under control by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency.

During the visit of the bank representative, the identity card and a second identity card to prove this must be with you. Such as a passport, a marriage certificate or an invoice registered in your name. Signing the Banking Services Agreement brought to you by the bank representative will be sufficient for your loan request to be approved and put into use.

Credit Campaigns

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Another issue we would like to mention is the points to be considered in the applications of Credit Campaigns. Although we do not say that we will give credit or intermediate in any way and anywhere, and on the contrary, we advise you to stay away from such Credit Campaign messages, we really receive a lot of loan application requests from you. Please stay away from credit campaigns through social media accounts and mobile applications. Avoid getting your personal information, password and financial information to other people.

Recently, we witnessed that credit campaigns have been organized with extremely favorable terms through email, social media accounts and fake websites. For this reason, do not click on the links you do not know, do not know, not trust, do not log in to the websites.

The main methods used by fraudsters

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  • Cancellation and / or refund of the transaction made inadvertently from your account,
  • The cyber attack has been made to your accounts, and the password request to put it in your account to prevent it,
  • Refunds of credit card fees you have paid previously or similar offers.

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