Well Made Company non – bank credit card – up to 90 thousand for anything

This non-bank loan from Well Made Company in conjunction with the card works similarly to a conventional credit card. If you don’t spend the money, it costs you nothing.

You may think you can only have a credit card from a bank. But that is not true. Credit cards now offer “where who”. You can also have a non-bank credit card, which can sometimes offer you more favorable conditions than a credit card from a bank. Well Made Company is one of the non-bank credit companies that also offers the possibility of obtaining a card to pay for your purchases. This company can offer you a card with a limit of up to USD 90000, which you can use for anything.

Well Made Company non-bank credit card

saving cash

The non-bank credit company Well Made Company provides installment purchases or non-bank consumer loans. If you then arrange a loan in the amount of more than 40 thousand dollars, then as a bonus you can get this card.

You will not only be bound to a one-time loan payment to your account. You will be able to withdraw funds up to your credit limit repeatedly. This can be up to USD 90000 or more.

A repeated loan for anything, you pay only when you spend

This non-bank loan from Well Made Company in conjunction with the card works similarly to a conventional credit card. If you don’t spend money, it costs you nothing (except for a low monthly card maintenance fee). You always have a financial reserve at your disposal.

If you spend the money, it is sufficient to pay at least a minimum payment of USD 1200 per month. The money you pay is automatically added to your available balance. So if you pay 5,000 dollars with your card for one month and then pay it in one installment, you can use that money again next month.

What are the conditions for obtaining a non-bank credit card?

This non-bank card cannot be obtained separately. It is issued as a supplement to a loan over USD 40,000. The prerequisite for arranging a loan with Well Made Company is a minimum age of 18 years. It is also necessary to provide a two-sided copy of the ID card and a copy of the second identity document – eg driving license, passport, birth certificate.

Last but not least, the applicant is required to have some regular, provable income. For amounts over USD 100,000, confirmation of the amount of income from the employer is required. This may not be necessary for lower amounts. However, if you are a pensioner or on maternity leave, it is better to include a partner in your application to approve your loan.

Detailed information about Well Made Company non-bank credit card

Non-bank credit card Well Made Company – up to 90 thousand for anything
Card issuer Well Made Company sro
Type of company Non-banking company
Credit card type Non-bank credit card
Credit card name Well Made Company card
Kind of credit card MasterCard Electronic
Contactless card No
Possibility of contactless sticker No
NFC card option on mobile No
Basic parameters
Minimum card limit 40000 USD
Maximum card limit 90000 USD
Number of days without interest 0 days
The interest-free period also applies to ATMs No
Transfer money from card to bank account Yes
Interest-free period also for transfer from card to bank account No
Interest on cashless payments 24%
Interest for cash withdrawals 24%
Favorable interest 15.9%
Conditions of advantage discounted interest applies to a credit limit of USD 150000
Annual card fee 588 $
Annual card fee in the first year 588 $
Card reissue fee – after blocking 0, – USD
Card management – annual fee 0, – USD
Minimum spending with the card to be free of charge not applicable
How much you pay if you don’t use the card 588 $
Maximum how much the card can cost you 588 $
Additional cards
Number of additional cards that can be issued 0
Price of additional card not provided
By post 39 USD
Electronic 0, – USD
Minimum monthly payment as a percentage 0%
Minimum monthly installment 1200
You can set up a regular direct debit collection Yes
Regular collection of 100% installment can be set No
ATM withdrawal
Withdraw from your own ATM does not have its own ATMs
Withdrawal from a foreign ATM 1% min. 50 USD
ATM withdrawal abroad 1% min. 50 USD
Cashback 0
What rate to use when using the card abroad MasterCard Course
Payments on the Internet
Cardless payments can be disabled No
Discounts on purchases
Minimum discount for payments 0%
Maximum discount for payments 0%
Bonus points for card payments No
Discount at selected merchants for card payment Yes
More information
Card issuance conditions Citizen of the Czech Republic or Slovakia with permanent residence in the Czech Republic, older than 18 years, documented income, no negative entry in credit registers, bank account, valid telephone contact.
Insurance Job loss insurance, temporary incapacity insurance, total loss of independence insurance, death insurance (optional services not included in the basic offer)
Another services Internet access, free PIN change
Comment The card is a supplement to the Well Made Company loan over USD 40,000. The card has no interest-free period;
Custom image on the card No
Company name Well Made Company sro
Address Bucharova 1423/6, 158 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic
IČO: 27179907

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